The Soul Sisters

We are three sisters who find ourselves aligned with wanting to share our passions and purposes with the world, so on our blog you will read about many different things…from the most simple pleasures, like how we intentionally create our living spaces to bring about calm and peace, to topics like race and religion and how they affect the world as a whole. You will read about our creative projects that inspire us to keep going and you will read our poetry that will hopefully plant the seeds of inspiration in your life!

Take this journey with us and experience the soul sisters up close and personal. What Soul Sisters Say was born during quarantine 2020 when we were all home from work so we had more time to have our conversations and now it has transformed into us intertwining our missions together to create “What Soul Sisters Say”. We have a Youtube channel, Facebook group, Instagram page, Podcast and now a Blog, which is designed to Uplift, Inspire and Awaken Humanity For All Global Collective Consciousness…Growing up, all three of us kept a diary throughout the years and those diaries have turned into journals full of inspiration, self-doubt, affirmations, love letters and tears so I guess you can say that we have always been writing, exploring, growing and now we’re sharing ourselves with you!

Thank you for joining us on this journey…The Soul Sisters