Be The Light!

The journey of life is full of lessons and mind has been quite the lesson thus far however, I AM grateful! I AM grateful to even be able to grasp the idea of this journey being an experience! I AM grateful to be able to surrender to the process. Just knowing that I agreed to come here to learn , experience and grow is a blessing. I have learned how to forgive and love myself. I have also learned patience, tolerance, harmony, how to be more peaceful and most importantly learning how to have faith and trust in a higher power that is much bigger than me! Once I connect to that I AM energy source, I BECOME that which just IS, and then learn to just BE! I am smiling with ease as I write these words because I have always been an impatient, hot tempered, worry wart most of my younger days. The divine source energy has a way of transforming and humbling the hardest of hearts. Today I AM a new me and I will never look back! As I turned from complete darkness to marvelous light, this was the best gift that the great I AM could have ever given me. Living in peace IS living in the light! The ability to be able to surrender to what IS in this right now moment IS pure bliss. No worries! No concerns! No stresses! To trust and know by way of the connection to source is magical. Once you get to such a space, you are not complete because life is a constant unfolding however, you can then BE THE LIGHT!

I AM the LIGHT Ladi

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