The Black Woman

Since the beginning of time the black woman has been stripped of her true beauty and divinity by every race and gender on the planet! From being raped by white slave owners to being over looked by all nationalities as romantic prospects. Statistics show that black women have not been so call wifey material and not to mention being under paid by most companies, and If that’s not enough, being kicked while we are down by our very own black men totally disrespecting us, by labeling us bitches and hoes and leaving us to raise our children on our own. Yes it has gotten a bit better in these last several years as more and more black women have been embracing their true beauty. From natural hair to natural curves, as we learn to love and accept ourselves, men from diverse backgrounds are jumping on board slowly but surely realizing the value of the black queen. Only after she has learned the value within herself…see how that works! It’s The law of Attraction! The black woman always being the underdog has proven to be the strongest woman on the planet. She can turn water into wine and feast off of few! She is not only beautifully diverse in all of her many shades of color, as well as her sexy curves! She is also proven to have brains! Yes! Highly intellectual! She has proven to be the backbone and rock in her relationships and parenting her children. Society has stripped the black woman of her beauty and stolen her crown because society has chosen to focus on her dark side. Saying she is angry, yet you raped her! Saying she will always be single, yet you left her! Saying she has too many kids and all she is is a “baby mama” yet you impregnated her and refuse to wife her! Still with all the disrespect she can not be broken! She can not be duplicated! Some may try, but no one can come close to the black woman! She is the prize! #PERIOD!

Written by a black Ladi!

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