the black woman…a true goddess!


as a black woman, it has not always been easy to accept the true power that i possess. there has been a ongoing campaign to dismiss, devalue & diminish the power & prowess of THE BLACK WOMAN! when we take the time to unpack the reasons for this, we begin to see why this campaign has been so relentless! we ARE the reason for ALL OF IT! we have given birth to all that you see and experience…if not directly, definitely indirectly! if we didn’t create it, we gave birth to the person that did, the idea, the passion, the family, the people…ALL OF IT!

we are joining the campaign that dismantles all of the lies and untruths about the most fascinating creature on the planet…yes, you are right! i am speaking about THE BLACK WOMAN! they try to tell us that we are not loved, that we are not worthy, that we are not desired, that we are not enlightened, but the real is…we are all of these things and so much more! the energy behind the “destroy the black woman” campaign is tied to the fact that they know who we really are and they are witnessing the awakening of the goddess!

yes, the awakening…you have seen it, we out here meditating and connecting to our higher selves! we out here loving ourselves…fully! these curves, these curls & these colors! we out here practicing sankofa for real…going back & getting that knowledge & power & walking in that! we out here adorning ourselves with body art & waistbeads, we’re communicating with ancestors & manifesting shit!

and yes, we out here drinking our water, feeding our bodies the right foods & minding our damn business!

the black woman is life!🖤

nalo speaks…

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