Attention to Intention

Years ago I read a book by Wayne Dyer called “The Power of Intention” this book helped me to change the way I perceived the word intention. I knew that intentions expressed the very act of a thing played out first in the mental body. What I did not know was that my very intention is just as powerful as my action. When we intend anything with passion it is already done! How so? Well you have energetically put out into the universe a thought or idea because we constantly think without even thinking. These thoughts coupled with feeling create momentum and some have intentions attached to them. We are always sowing seeds, good or bad. Bad seeds do not always mean bad people either. It’s the intention of the heart that is good or bad in my opinion. Knowing this forced me to pay more attention to my thoughts but more so my intentions, so that I can become more mindful of what I am about to create. This can be scary on one hand if you are like me… all up in my head! Always thinking! On the other hand it can be fun to understand the power of my intentions are helping to shape my reality if I am looking to change what I am experiencing for the better. Some may say don’t think negative because you will attract negative to you! This is very true but we must also be careful of our intentions. If we are positive outwardly (surface stuff) yet the intentions of our hearts are not in a pure place we may as well be negative on the outside as well. We can fool man but we can not fool the universe! Today I intend to live in the highest version of myself no matter how long it takes me to get there.

signed…A God fearing Ladi

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