attention to intention…

intention is a state of mind…

sacred space

i am sharing this picture because it is manifested intention! that’s right, my husband and i intentionally manifested everything you see in this picture, this is all about creating sacred space. my husband and i have been together for 16 years and married for 12…yes, that’s a long time, and by today’s standards that’s an eternity! well, during the course of our journey we have opened our doors to many people, friends & family, so what you’re looking at is the first space that we have lived alone…no family, no friends, no pets(except fish), no one to care for but ourselves & our plants of course. so when we started talking about finding a new place, we were very specific about what we wanted, how we wanted to live, and we decided that we would intentionally create a space that was a true expression of us and what we represent, a space that was colorful & alive, a creative space, a sanctuary…i would have to say that operation “sacred space” is pretty much complete! intention is everything! your intention can be used in all areas of your life, so be sure to set some pure intentions for the things you want to manifest in your life. focus on these things, and not the things that are keeping you from it, and you will have the things you set intentions for start to show up in your experience. my intention for you…if you are reading this and you are doubting your own power, i challenge you to shift your focus to only the things you want, material or otherwise, keep a journal of your intentions and when they are manifested be sure to let us know.

nalo speaks…

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