I’m sorry for your loss…

We tend to hear these words a lot when our love ones transition. I don’t know about you but I’m not particularly fond of these words or the word death. I have lost two loved ones this year and yes it is very heart breaking and a very sensitive and emotional experience for me, however, I thank God I know that the death experience is not real. I love knowing we are energy and energy never dies, it is eternal. This helps me to accept this thing we call death a bit better. This experience we call death also helps me to appreciate my existence in this realm even more. I now reflect and look back over my life, the good times and bad times… yet I am still here and at peace with where I am. I am grateful in this moment. I have no concerns or worries in this moment . I have no fears in this moment. I experience no lack in this moment. I am at peace in my right now reality. Even as I type the words IN THIS MOMENT, I’m even more happy and at peace because I recognize the peace, bliss, gratitude and joy in this right now moment! Now more than ever I am understanding the importance of right now! Yesterday carries many memories and tomorrow may never come but one thing for sure is that right now …I AM!

written by a mindful ladi

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