i gained another ancestor…

today’s affirmation card…from renegade mama affirmation deck

there is so much to process when our loved ones become ancestors…there are so many adjustments that need to be made…emotionally, physically & spiritually! working through this requires patience & understanding, patience for yourself in these huge adjustments & understanding that everyone is going to process this differently & that’s ok. we are spiritual beings so our spirit never dies, it simply moves on to the next experience. it is our flesh that we become attached to and no longer seeing that spirit in that flesh is extremely crushing & life changing, however, moving through this pain grows us in many ways. we begin to understand that while we are all connected physically & spiritually in some way, we are also very alone on this journey. loved ones will cycle in & out of our lives and we must learn to adjust in that moment…we don’t know when or how our loved ones will leave this realm, so this brings up the concept of time…time is an illusion! we must do our best to remain in the NOW…live NOW, learn NOW, love NOW, laugh NOW, celebrate NOW, honor NOW, give me my flowers NOW! i am in no way saying that it’s not painful to lose a loved one, i’m simply saying, don’t stay in that pain, don’t get stuck in that pain…process yourself through it, don’t plant yourself in it! you are the only one responsible for this, take your time, feel everything and then lovingly move into the newness of who you are without them because yes, it changes us and changing from one thing to another thing is ok…it’s growth!

nalo speaks…

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  1. empresstrish1 says:

    Ase! So Excellently said…I agree & understand totally, processing not planting…We must feel what we feel, go through the emotions, make the adjustments but then move through it all going to another place, another level…growing. I send You, all of You, Love, Ease, Positive Energy, Comfort & Stregnth during this time of Processing, Healing & Growing.🙏🏽✨😘❤💛💚🖤

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  2. thank you empress for these beautiful words! as always, you & i are in alignment! i appreciate you and your energy! much love sis! 💕😘


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