Speaking My Truth…

Is easier said and done…It’s always been in me naturally since the beginning on day ONE!!!… My mom taught me to fight for the powers that be and so speaking my truth has always been instilled in me…It’s part of my mission and plan from above…not to mention it fits my personality as snug as a glove…Because to me Truth is my right that comes deep from inside my soul… it erupts like a volcano and in this there is no control…What would we speak if we did not speak our peace…I’m not understanding, all I know is release…See for me I thought this was something all people do…but one think I do know it’s I’m grateful for being true…true to myself and to others is what is always meant to be…my only option after that is to say nothing indeed…I would die and dwindle down into the depths of the ground…if I could not voice or speak my truthful sounds…I will feel dead not alive, I wouldn’t be able to thrive…I would scream silently in pain…and live a life of nothing but vain…while I run from the thoughts in my head and live with nothing but pain….So that is not the road best traveled for me….The road of SPEAKING MY TRUTH is the only road for me…. Peace and Love from Kisha to those seeing their me…

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