Speaking My Truth

Gone are the days where I live passively and allow your thoughts of me to become valid. For years I have been unable to voice my truth. Now I am set free! Speaking my truth is a huge honor to myself. My feelings, opinions, and thoughts matter! Some may not like it or accept it however, it is MY truth! Whether I am perceived as negative, weird, crazy, need healing, need to have more faith, more balance, or be more supportive and understanding of others etc. , none of it matters because I will no longer ignore my own inner feelings, people please, or deny my own self to make anyone like or accept me! I will no longer dim my light! For years I have lived for everyone but me and now I resign! I resign from the little box that you like to place me in. I resign from ALL your expectations of me. Holding me to your own standard of how YOU feel I should behave, respond and think. I not only voice my truth but I also honor it! I highly recommend others to do the same and become unapologetic about it! I have always been a bit stubborn yet extremely sensitive of others and their opinions of me. I learned the hard way to truly DO ME! I have since abandoned stubbornness in exchange for humility, however, I stand firm in my truth with confidence! Your confidence may be uncomfortable for some and that’s ok. Some may not even like you and that will have to be ok too! This life is to be enjoyed and experienced to the best of your ability by becoming the greatest versions of yourselves. One of the best ways to experience a better life is to honor your true highest self and those around you that can not accept that version of you will simply fall out of your experience. Own your truth! Honor your truth! Become unapologetic and unbothered about it!

written with love by

an unbothered Ladi

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