nalo speaks her truth…

when asked to write about “speaking your truth” i had to sit with this for a minute and truly think about how i got here…i traveled a long and winding road to get to my truth and while it is easy for me now, it hasn’t always been this way for me. i will admit that i was well into my 30’s before i understood what this really meant and how important it is to operate from this space. there were many factors that lead to my low self-esteem, insecurities & people pleasing so there was a lot to unpack along the way, and there is still some unpacking to do, but i’ve built the trust within myself…i actually was 29 when i made my first big decision that was truly MY truth, and it was directly connected to someone else’s life, which meant if i was gonna live completely in my truth, i was gonna have to hurt someone else…so the decision to put me and my truth first was heavy, but necessary! that bold decision led me on the path to find my true self and opened up a place of trust inside myself that i wasn’t connected to until then. i can’t say that i was aware at the time of what was really happening inside of me, but what i learned was this…listening to your inner voice will always lead you to a place of peace & who doesn’t want peace right? listening to your inner voice requires trust and this is where i think some people get tripped up…trusting yourself!

trusting yourself requires that you block out the voices of other people and really sit with yourself, connect to yourself, learn yourself & be honest with yourself!

nalo speaks…

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