What SelfLuv is 2 me…

Lying in the Sun under a beautiful tree…Watching birds and bees flying all around and over me…watching the clouds change color and design…dreaming and conjuring this beautiful life of mine…Selfluv is nurturing me when I’m feeling free…Selfluv is nurturing you when you are feeling blue…Selfluv is my tea tonic I make for myself…or watering the plants that give me life on my shelf…Selfluv is what color will go on my toes, or what fragrance I’ll choose to dance around my nose…or swimming in the pool, letting water flow between my toes…Selfluv is my dance with spirit divine, talking and communicating with all the signs…Selfluv is me creating all of my dreams…moving in my space and cultivating me… Selfluv is me making my favorite dish, savoring every bite while I make a wish…Selfluv is me playing and laughing with joy, while Iistening to Sade and smelling my insence with joy…Selfluv is touching and playing with my skin… Selfluv is me getting to know myself within…Selfluv is my sunset mountain hike…. my stretching and yoga or riding my bike…my dancing and singing and playing my drums, enjoying the music until my ears go numb…Selfluv is me rubbing my kitty kats super soft fur, her laying next to while I feel and listen to her purrrrrr….Selfluv is my prayer and my worshipping space… Selfluv is me indulging all over the place…See Selfluv is really easy when it comes to me… Selfluv is all that I enjoy that is all around me and this is what Selfluv really means to me…


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