self-love is a revolutionary act…

revolutionary – involving or causing a complete or dramatic change

my self-love journey is taking me on so many different paths to all the parts of me. i currently find myself at the intersection where allowing meets understanding. the more i allow, the more i understand. what does this mean? let’s explore for a minute…as a woman i think it’s safe to say that a lot of us give more allowance to others than we give to ourselves and this way of living is very harmful to us in many ways. we will give other people more chances than we give ourselves, more time, more grace, more understanding, and so many other things, meanwhile, we are putting ourselves at the bottom!

now that doesn’t sound right, so when i began to allow for more patience with my process, i began to see myself as deserving of more love and care. i began to understand that self-care is truly a layered concept and that i would need to be willing to pull back all the layers of myself in order to truly love my full self. for me, self-love is a deep dive into your mind, body & spirit. so yes, this means facing my dark places and holding space for how that feels and understanding how that darkness came to be, processing it and transforming it into light, and joy, and gratitude, and peace, and grace, and happiness, and allowance, and understanding. so here’s the challenge…peel back the layers of yourself, dig deep into the darkest, smallest, ugliest, most hidden parts of yourself and acknowledge it…and then love on yourself in a way that only YOU can!

unapologetically & on purpose…nalo!

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