What Is Self Love?

Self love to me is the complete focus and attention to the self. It is when I go within myself and quiet my mind to meditate and pray. It is using positive affirmations to retrain my mind for greatness! Self love is visualizing my new life and speaking it into existence rather than allowing the monkey mind to randomly create things that I do not desire. Self love for me means walks in nature, journaling, soaking in long baths with lavender epsom salt to calm and cleanse my energy, and moisturizing my skin after with frankincense and myrrh lotion for further clearing and grounding. Self love is clothing myself in cute comfy clothes that look and feel good on me. Clothes that compliment my shape and reflect my unique personality. I almost never leave home without my crystal stone necklaces and bracelets that are programmed for protection, grounding , insight and clarity . I love to exercise my body, listen to music, teachings online and or books that feed my spirit positive things daily. Self love is cooking myself healthy clean meals and spoiling myself with fresh flowers. Summing it all up self love is being fully present and engaged completely and totally within the self from a loving humble space for the highest good of all. Adopting a self love practice in your daily life is how we heal ourselves and learn to love others unconditionally.

Ladi Darah

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