What Soul Sisters Say

Our soul purpose is to uplift, inspire and awaken humanity for all global collective consciousness

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Kisha Vega

Kisha is the oldest of the sisters, currently living in Phoenix, AZ which sits on a 33 degree north latitude & crosses the earths equatorial plane, close to the equator & receives a significant amount of the suns energy so it holds significant supernatural powers. Kisha being a Metaphysician makes all her moves based on astrology mixed with spirituality. She’s the healer to the healers & assists you with discovering & understanding your spiritual gifts & the universal elements of reality that are challenging to understand. She educates to teach you how to tap into your highest intuition to use your spiritual tools to assist your clientele. She counsels & teaches through Oracle, Tarot, Pendulum, Totem Animal and Crystal work. She also designs Healing Artwear & Spiritual anointing manifestation oils for your protection, manifesting & guidance.

Ladi Darah

Darah is Nalo’s identical twin sister, a mother of 3 currently living in Grayson, GA. with her youngest daughter. Darah is a woman who wears many hats, she is a radio personality on JPRG Radio in College Park Ga, an intuitive spiritual life coach, author and free lance writer, as well as a course creator on Thinkific.com. Her spiritual works include reading tarot and oracle cards as well as counseling work for young women & girls.

Nalo Johnson

Nalo is Darah’s identical twin sister currently living in New Orleans, LA. with her husband of 12 years. Nalo is a creative messenger, nurturing all of the creative parts of herself…making jewelry, painting, currently writing her first book that will tell her stories through poetry. Nalo has also recently started a upcycling business with her husband. Her spiritual works include reading tarot and oracle cards as well as offering support to married women.

Writing is a tool used to express, uplift, inspire, awaken & heal…so expect to see many amazing writers & bloggers featured here on our site to join us on this journey of expression.

“When I dare to be powerful, to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid”…Audre Lorde

If we don’t write our stories and our truths…who will?